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Who is Bee Inspired Farms?

We are a very small bio-intensive, soil regenerative and ethically raised animal farm located in Wellandport. We state, we are small, but with big attainable dreams that will come true with hard work and dedication. Bee Inspired Farms is operated by Bill McMillan and Cherie Riley with help from our family and of course, the animals and insects.


Speckled Peas - Seeds

Microgreens are the foundation product of Bee Inspired Farms in terms of items we sell and also consume ourselves. The health benefits of Microgreens are outstanding and they are just so delicious and flavourful. Microgreens can be 40 times more nutritious than their full grown counter parts and contain elevated levels of protein, anti oxidants, vitamins and folic acids. Used in a salad, juiced in smoothies or used as garnishes, Microgreens are a great addition to any diet.


20170924_164551.jpgWe love our bees as Bee Inspired Farms, obviously, it’s in our company name and bees have inspired us to start our journey. Bees work so hard, they work together and through their hard work and team work, they produce the most delicious honey and beautiful hive structures. Bee Inspired Farms produces non pasteurized, raw honey which still has all, and we mean all, of the nutrients and antioxidants that the bees can produce. We work our bees using the most gentile and organic methods possible and living in Niagara on the Lake around all of the orchards and vineyards, our bees live the life that would make other bees beyond jealous, if that’s even possible.



If you ever wanted to see a living dinosaur, watch chickens. They have such funny personalities and at Bee Inspired Farms are our source of our delicious eggs and hours of entertainment. The chickens have their own fenced in area where they stay nice and safe but before bed time get let out to roam the yard and enjoy being a chicken. Bee Inspired sells a mixture of brown and white eggs which are collected daily under close supervision from the chickens.






We are so fortunate that when we bought our current location of Bee Inspired Farms, we didn’t realize how great it is to produce your own organic fruit. We have three varieties of peaches on our property and for a month and a half, it is a feast of peaches, but we can not simple eat them all by ourselves and we love to share.

Vegetables are the future of Bee Inspired Farms. The inspiration that we have found from farmers like Jean Martin Forte and Curtis Stone have shown Bee Inspired Farms that being a farmer is hard work but can rewarding and provide a viable income while escaping the rat race. Using organic methods and permaculture design, Bee Inspired Farms will grow from our backyard garden to a full sustainable market garden that will product food for like minded families in our community.




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