MicroGreen Facts

What Exactly are Microgreens?

Essentially, Microgreens are edible seedlings of very common vegetables, herbs and flowers that are harvested during the cotyledon phase and prior to the seedling starting the true leaf phase of their life cycle. Besides being packed with high concentrations of nutrients, they also provide a wide variety of flavours and colours that are commonly eaten in salads, used as garnishes for dishes or put into smoothies for juicing.

Microgreen Nutrition

Believe it or not, these little plants pack quit the nutrient punch. Studies have shown that Microgreens are up to 40 times more nutrient rich then their full grown counter parts. Elevated levels of vitamin C (used for development and repair of the human body), E (powerful antioxidant) and K (helps responds to injuries), lutein (beneficial to the eyes)and beta carotene (precursor to Vitamin A) are all found in Microgreens and help fill the nutrient holes of the nutrient deprived meals that are common in the North American diet.

Microgreens have Unique and Interesting Flavors

Microgreens sell themselves once you taste them. The nuttyness of the sunflower, the sweetness of the pea or the spicyness of the radish, each Microgreen has its own flavour. Just add some Microgreens to your dish, and it can be elevated to the next level and can create a number of complex flavours.

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